Help & Instructions 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any challenges or questions about the assembly process.  Also refer to our FAQ page for many frequently asked questions.

And keep in mind that if you accidentally damage any part during assembly, we are happy to send a replacement to you free of charge.

Do you have a case with metal connector blocks?  If so, instructions for installing them can be found at the 3:07 of this video

Quick Assembly Instructions For Most Of Our Cases


Download a pdf version here 

Step 1

The dimensions of the case shown here is a general example. Your case will probably have different sized panels. Your case should have two panels labeled front/back, two panels labeled side, one panel labeled top, and one panel labeled baseplate. Some smaller cases like our minifigure cases aren’t labeled but you can match the shape of the panels in the illustrations below to pick them out. Most, but not all, of our cases also include 4 metal connector blocks and 12 screws.

First remove the protective film from all the panels. It may be plastic , typically either blue, white, or transparent, or it may be brown paper. This film used to protect the acrylic panels from scratches during manufacturing and shipping. Using a fingernail at a corner usually does the trick to get started. Inspect each panel and let us know immediately if any part is damaged or defective.

Step 2

Place the baseplate on a smooth surface and place one of the case pieces labeled front/back into the baseplate slots

Step 3 

Place a side panel into the base plate slots and connect it to the groves of the panel you just placed in the baseplate as well.

IF your case has metal connector blocks and screws then screw both panels together inside the top corner of the panels.  Be sure NOT to overtighten the screws

Step 4

Work your way around the baseplate with the second front/back panel and secure with the metal connect and screws (if applicable).

Step 5 

Install the second side panel and secure with the metal connector and screws (if applicable)


Place the top panel and secure with  4 screws (if applicable).


Checkout our YouTube channel  for other videos how-to tips tips and guides.