Instructions: Display Cases With a Removable Base Plate

Please read these instructions fully before you assemble your new display case.

First please examine the contents of your mailing package.  In addition to this note you should have 12 acrylic pieces that make up the front, back, (4) sides, top, and bottom of the case.  The front and back pieces are identical, so it does not matter which one you select for either position.  The sides are also identical as well.  With your case, the top is a clear piece that matches the sides.  The bottom is a thicker glossy black square with slots for the case.  Each piece of the display is covered in a protective film (either plastic or paper).  This protects the acrylic during cutting, shipping, and now during assembly.

Assembly Instructions

Please check out our video with assembly tips including removing the protective film on the acrylic sheets. 

 Assembling the case is like putting together a very simple jigsaw puzzle with snug connections.  Remember to use “finger strength” pressure and do not attempt to force the connections; this can crack the acrylic.  Instead, be patient, act slow and carefully wiggle the parts back and forth until they snap together into place.

  1. Remove the protective film from each of the six display sections. 
  2. Wipe the uncovered sides off with a clean cloth to remove any smudges or fingerprints.
  3. Place one of the sections (typically a front or back piece) its corresponding base slot
  4. For larger cases with connector blocks, install a one on the inside of each upper corner with screws. Use only light “finger pressure” to tighten the screws; over-tightening will crack the acrylic.  You only need a small among of pressure to hold the blocks firmly to the corners of the case.
  5. Place another case part into the next baseplate slot.  Use gentle pressure to wedge it into the grooves. The parts are meant to fit together snugly.
  6. Screw it to the adjacent part..
  7. Work your way around the case with each additional piece.
  8. Place the lid on top
  9. Place you collectable or LEGO set on the base plate
  10. Place the case over the baseplate