FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we sell our stands and cases as kits?

For a few reasons...

  • Selling our products as kits significantly reduces our manufacturing costs, allowing us to sell them to our consumers at reasonable and competitive prices.
  • Shipping our products as 'flat packs' greatly reduces the shipping costs and makes it possible to sell them through e-commerce channels at a reasonable price.
  • Acrylic (like glass) is fragile.  Shipping our cases and products as kits greatly reduces the chances of shipping damage. 
  • And finally... what can be assembled can be disassembled just as easy.  Most LEGO collectors have many sets we'd like to display but limited space to show them off.  As a result we tend to highlight some for a time and then rotate others in as we acquire new sets.  Our stands and cases can be broken down and stored flat, greatly reducing the required storage space.

Do we sell custom-built cases on commission?

Current no.  We do not do build-to-order cases.  We just do not have the bandwidth to make these in an affordable way.  Maybe in the future but not today.

Do we have a case for <name your LEGO set> that isn't listed in the online store?

No.  We do have a long list of "to-do" items to be added to our catalogue.  We try to add a few cases each month.  Most of these are for current LEGO sets that are still in retail production.  A few are older "classic" sets that still have a high collector/presentation demand.

Keep in mind, our main e-commerce site here will always have the widest selection of cases. We post all new items here first.  We try to sync our Etsy and eBay stores but this site is the best source for our complete catalogue.

Will my <collectable> fit into one of your cases?

We try to publish the exact dimensions for each of our cases.  If you don't see it online just drop us an email and we can provide the details. But we don't officially recommend or support using our cases for anything other than their stated purposes.  With that said, we do have customers who carefully measure their collectables and have had success repurposing our cases for their own needs.

Are our prices different between www.northstarbricks.com, Etsy, and eBay?

Mostly no but that is changing.  We love Etsy and eBay too but these platforms take a BIG slice of seller product margins.  Over time you will find that the largest selection of our stands/cases will be found on this website and prices will typically be at least 20% less than either Etsy and eBay.  We use those platforms primarily as outreach channels for new customers who might not come across our website immediately.

How long does it take my order to ship?

We try very hard for a 3 day turn around once we receive payment for your order.   Weekends take longer; if you place an order on Friday it will typically ship out on Monday or Tuesday.

Our worse case service level commitment is 5 days and that only occurs if we are caught low on material stock and must wait for delivery of acrylic (or other parts).  If an order will take longer than 5 days, we will notify you with an option to cancel the order.