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Display Case for LEGO Architecture Singapore Skyline (21057) Set

Display Case for LEGO Architecture Singapore Skyline (21057) Set

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The LEGO Architecture Singapore Skyline set is a beautiful eye catcher for any desk, bookshelf, or table. But a simple errant elbow or curious pet can cause the whole thing to tumble down. Not to mention the pain in keeping the small intricate parts free of dust over time. Display and highlight your Singapore Skyline as a valued collectable inside our high quality premium display while protecting it from dust, ding, dents and other mishaps.


  • Each side case panel includes a light pinstripe etch line to further add a 'collectable' feel to your display.
  • The glossy black base plate has three embedded genuine LEGO brand studs to hold the set firmly in place.
  • 4 metal connector cubes hold the case panels firmly together for strong structural integrity.
  • And you can customize your case with either a clear or glossy black background panel.


This display case has a glossy black 6mm thick acrylic baseplate. It includes two genuine LEGO brand studs embedded in the baseplate to hold the minifigure securely in place. The sides and top are made of clear 3mm thick acrylic.


Outside dimensions: 34.5cm Width x 20cm Height x 15cm Depth

AGE: 12+

Assembly Required

This display case is shipped as a kit, easily assembled in minutes. No additional tools are required. The sides and top snap together tightly and case fits firmly into slots in the baseplate.

Please note: This listing is for the display case only. The LEGO in the pictures are for illustration purposes only.

Detailed assembly instructions and tutorial videos for this and all our products can be found on our Instructions page.

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