Why Do We Ship Our Stands and Cases as Kits?

Why do we sell our stands and cases as kits instead of fully assembled?

For a few reasons...

  • Firstly, selling our products as kits significantly reduces our manufacturing costs, allowing us to sell them to our consumers at reasonable and competitive prices.
  • Secondly, shipping our products as 'flat packs' greatly reduces the shipping costs and makes it possible to sell them over through e-commerce channels at a reasonable price.
  • Acrylic (like glass) is fragile.  Shipping our cases and products as kits greatly reduces the chances of shipping damage. 
  • And finally... what can be assembled can be disassembled just as easy.  Most LEGO collectors have many sets we'd like to display but limited space to show them off.  As a result we tend to highlight some for a time and then rotate others in as we acquire new sets.  Our stands and cases can be broken down and stored flat, greatly reducing the required storage space.
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