We are a family run business from Minnesota selling stands and cases for memorabilia and collectables -- focusing primarily on Lego and Star Wars collectables. Our shop literally grew from my own hobbies. For years I searched for ways to showcase and highlight my collections. But time and time again I only found options that I didn't prefer, or found products that were great but far too expensive for my budget.

North Star Bricks was born to fill this gap. All of our displays and cases are custom designed in-house, and produced here in Minnesota with a focus toward high quality at an affordable price.

This e-commerce website is now our preferred sales channel.  Every product we offer is added here first and this channel will always have equal or better prices than anywhere else.  We've also noticed that shipping prices tend to be just a tad cheaper here than elsewhere as well.

But we also continue to sell items on ebay and etsy as well -- at least for awhile longer until momentum continues to grow here.

Our Store On eBay or Our store on Etsy

Thanks For Shopping,

Mark @ North Star Bricks

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